Jesus Verse by Verse

an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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Every true Christian has a solemn duty to make a serious study of the Gospel records. The depth and nature of the study will vary widely between individuals; for each individual relationship with the Lord Jesus is unique, and we are all wired differently. These notes are part of my personal path in seeking to know Him through the medium of the written word, and I only share them with you in the hope they may play a part in helping you in some aspects of your knowing of Him. But at the outset, be aware that the written word of the Gospel records is not the only way to know Jesus. He makes Himself known to us in various ways. The written word is but one of them- but without it, the other ways of the Lord’s self-revelation are unlikely to be perceived by us as intended. Hence this book.
I’ve read a lot of theology and Biblical studies. Much is made of the differences between the Gospel records, and there are various arguments about structure. I make little reference to these things; not because I am ignorant of them, but because none of the theories presented strike me as very compelling. There are so many suggested structures- but the multiplicity of them suggests that they are in the eye of the beholder rather than in the intention of the writer. And more significantly, I fail to perceive in the genre of the Gospel records any intention by the authors (nor the inspired Author behind them) that the interpretation of their words depends upon perception of structure. Nor does their interpretation and meaning appear to be enhanced by any theories of how (e.g.) Matthew may have borrowed from Mark or ‘Q’.
By all means let me know if I’ve got something really wrong in any of my thoughts. Join me in praying daily to understand our Lord Jesus, and to understand, trust and obey His words. Know Him, that we might make Him known. Read something from the Gospels each day, and meditate upon it. And thereby may the word become flesh in each of us, as it was in Him to perfection. And may we learn ever more deeply the simple truth many of us were taught from early childhood: “Jesus loves me, this I know- for the Bible tells me so”.
For Him,

Duncan Heaster