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an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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25:4 Again there are two groups in the parable- the weak, who knew their weakness and took extra oil with them, knowing they’d likely not stay awake; and the arrogant self-assured, who didn’t think they would fail.
25:5 There is a delay in Christ’s return- see on 24:14.They all fell asleep- but we should be awake and watching when Christ returns (1 Thess. 5:6-8). The last generation before Christ returns will be spiritually weak and sleepy saved only by their recognition of their weakness and lack of oil [a symbol of spirituality?].
25:6 Midnight- an element of unreality in the parable. The bridegroom comes at a most unlikely time- as Christ will.
25:11 Some who call Jesus “Lord” will be rejected. Nobody will be passive in that day- all will wish to be accepted by Jesus.
25:15 Each of us have different abilities given us to use in His service. We all have something. Pray that God shows you what abilities He has given you, what is His hope and expectation for you.
25:22 The Greek word translated “gained” is elsewhere used about gaining people for Christ.
25:27 Under the Law of Moses, Jews weren’t supposed to lend their money for interest. But Jesus is saying that the man should’ve done at least something, even if it wasn’t the best. He will explain to the rejected how they could’ve entered His Kingdom- but it will be too late. Hence the gnashing of teeth.
25:31 The throne of Jesus is the throne which God promised to give David’s great descendant, i.e. Jesus. This throne or place of rulership was literally in Jerusalem, on this earth (Lk. 1:32). 
25:37 The righteous did their good works unconsciously, and so totally can’t remember them that they disagree with Jesus about these things- they really will be genuinely persuaded they hadn’t done them!
25:40 The least of Christ’s brethren may refer to the spiritually weakest. Our attitude to them is our attitude to Christ- see too 1 Cor. 12:23.