Jesus Verse by Verse

an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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26:5 The crowds were very pro Jesus, but soon shouted “Crucify Him!”. We must try not to be so fickle, even though it’s how we tend to be by nature.
26:8 Disciples- the other records say that Judas said this. One person can so easily negatively  influence a whole group of believers.
26:13 This incident is mentioned in all the Gospel records, confirming our thesis that the Gospels are transcripts of the actual Gospel message which the authors usually preached.
26:15 This suggests that Judas’ motivation was largely financial. Hence his throwing down of the pieces of silver in disgust at himself. So many have betrayed Christ for the passing wealth of this world.
26:26 The original breaking of bread was part of a meal.
26:29 Alluding to how the priest on duty wasn’t allowed to drink alcohol. Jesus intended us to understand that He will literally drink wine again with us when He returns, at the marriage supper of the Lamb.
26:38 Jesus almost died from sorrow, sorrow that Israel had rejected God’s salvation. His heart so bled for others’ response to the Gospel, as should ours.
26:39 How long did it take Jesus to pray these words? Were there minutes between each word or clause? Our salvation hung in the balance as He struggled. The will of God was clearly not the same as the will of Jesus in all things- Jesus was certainly not God in person.
26:45 Jesus said this to them as they slept, as if talking to His own sleeping children.
26:52 A solid argument against Christians taking weapons.
26:60 The Jews had a strange desire to still keep the Law and to be legally correct- whilst destroying the innocent Son of God. This kind of paradox and gross internal contradiction is so often seen in religious people.
26:73 Jesus and His followers were distinguished by their Galilean accents. Another window into the humanity of Jesus.
26:74 These oaths weren’t expletives. They were calling down various types of Divine condemnation upon himself if he had ever known Jesus. Peter’s bitter weeping in v. 75 is similar to the weeping which Jesus often predicted would be experienced by those whom He rejects at the last day. Peter condemned himself in this life- but repented and was saved. We either go through that process now, in contrition for our sins- or then at the day of judgment when it’s too late to change the verdict.