Jesus Verse by Verse

an expanded commentary on the Gospel of Matthew

Jesus Verse by Verse...

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6:3 Left hand know- Don’t be conscious of your good works. Do them and forget them. Those accepted into God’s Kingdom will honestly not remember the times they fed the hungry (Mt. 25:37).
6:4 Shall reward- when Jesus returns to establish God’s Kingdom on earth. “I come quickly and my reward is with me” (Rev. 22:12).
6:10 On earth- We pray for the Kingdom of God to come on earth, i.e. for Jesus to return soon.
6:18 Not be seen- We must consciously try to conceal our good works so that other people do not notice them. When was the last time you did this?
6:24 Few would say they “hate” God. But if we love wealth [“mammon”], then in His eyes, we do.
6:26 Father feeds them- As 5:45, God is consciously in contact with His creation, and has some kind of relationship with the animals (Job 41:1-5). 7:1 Judge not- The Greek word translated “judge” can mean both to condemn, and to make a judgment of right and wrong. We must not condemn others, but we must judge between right and wrong.